We makevision care simple

Direct Visual Care provides the guidance you may need when choosing the right fit and function for your vision needs. Our Optical Consultant Vanessa Brown has an aptitude for easygoing, professional and friendly service, which creates a fun environment for each patient, from infant to senior. Direct Visual Care works with local clinics, community centres and educational institutes to bring vision care directly to you.

  1. 1 Prescription Eye Wear Consultation- With an existing prescription or contact us if you would like to request full access to having Comprehensive Eye-exams on-site
  2. 2 At Home or in the Office Appointment - With having a personalized selection geared to you
  3. 3 Professional Measurements, Considerations and Recommendations before purchasing (Direct Billing Available)
  4. 4 Delivery of prescription eye-wear with a Certified Licensed Optician for Reassurance of Accuracy and Comfort

Your Home

Life gets busy and transportation can sometimes not be that easily accessed. I come to you so you no longer have to concern about accessibility and even more planning within your schedule.

Your Classroom

Be certain your child isn’t disadvantaged by poor vision. We bring our selection of frames and services directly to secondary or post-secondary institutions.

Your Workplace

Ensure your employees, staff and all team members are well-equipped to perform at their highest with vision and eye-health evaluations.

Your Community

Your Residence and community members deserve to have a convenient and cost effective way to care for their ocular health.

Frames - Check out the "Selections" Page

  • Goggles

    Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Racket Ball, Motorcycling/ Biking (Working with Helmets), swimming, Skiing, Snowboarding, Water sports

  • Titanium

    Dependable Non Allergentic Strong/ Durable Lightweight Comfortable Bendable (Can be Bent and twisted with out damage) Corrosion Resistant

  • Kids

    Nylon Hypo- Allergentic, Light Weight, Strong And Flexible Premier Material for sports & performance

  • Safety

    (Non conductive) Up to date styles Comfortable Come with extra parts (Comfort nose bridge, strap, inner form dust guard) Various Sizes

  • Polarized Fitovers

    Haven & Jonathan Paul Various styles, Shapes and colours Available - Check The Frames page for selection.

  • Repairs & Replacements

    - Nose Pads (Size / Material) Distributing Weight, Allergies, Eliminating sores - Temples Avoiding Allergies, Hinge style for durability, Size, Length and Thickness


  • Protection against Glare, Scratches & Smudges

    Crizal EC UV and better - Automatic 2 Year warranty

  • Lenses for Harmful Blue light Protection and Digital eye strain

    Eyezen Blue shield is built into lens material *Not an additional coating that can become defective, For screen work, Complete solution for modern vision problems Absolutely no end- of -the -day Eye Fatigue Protecting your eye health with relaxing lenses in a now ultra violet modern world.

  • Lenses for kids

    - (Polycarbonate, for a Tough compact resistance, shatter free and UV protecting solution for your active children)

Eye Exams

  • Jane Software

    Questions for accuracy: Between the optometrist and optician, making sure you are being prescribed the appropriate prescription for the proper distances. No more disorganized scheduling. Jane also Emails notifications via e-mail or text to reduce the number of forgotten or missed appointments by automatically sending helpful reminders.

  • Eye Netra

    New and improved way to have your eyes examined. No more wondering if you have chosen the right slide "1 or 2". With this new equipment, you are able to adjust the focus to your approval. Working with the dials yourself, allows you to become more involved and assured your prescription is accurate.

  • Built-in accommodation control & Refining retractions

    Our Optometrist examines eyes for both vision and health concerns. They will refer you to an ophthalmologist if any medicine or surgery is required. No more communication barriers. With our latest patient Filing Software, Jane allows our patients, Optometrists and opticians to all connect so there is no important information missed.