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Taking care of your vision at any stage in life is our specialty. We work with local clinics, community centres and educational institutes to bring vision care directly to you. Our Eyewear Consultant, Vanessa, helps provide patients with the guidance they need when choosing the right fit and function for them. Vanessa’s aptitude for easygoing, professional and friendly service creates a fun environment for each patient, from infant to senior.


Sometimes all you need is a new perspective

Vanessa BrownVanessa Brown: I had become a Managing Optician at the age of 19 (8 years ago, being in the industry at the age of 16). The reason why patients would continue to come back and want me to assist them with their eyewear was because I was enthusiastic and passionate about constructing and customizing the perfect pair of eyewear for them personally. I would consistently ask question, eliminating all of the factors of options for what they didn’t want to narrow down to the specific frame that was best for them. They felt confident in wearing them, at a price they felt comfortable spending, for what they were receiving. I enjoy teaching my patients about their best options in lens availability also, coming up with solutions that would make their daily life styles easier, more comfortable and functionally correct. While still having fun and making the environment more relaxing, it is important to Vanessa to feel that her patients have full trust in her with the knowledge and expertise that she has. Vanessa will listen to their needs and she hopes everyone will know that she is going to fulfill them to the best of her ability.


What to expect

Alexander Optical will organize an in-house vision care clinic at the preferred location for all of, Patients, Optometrist and the Optician. As the patient is getting their updated comprehensive eye exam with the Optometrist, The Optician will thoroughly explain the prescription to their patient and answer any questions or concerns they may have with their existing or new eyewear that might be needed. Our patients have the availability to purchase there updated prescription from a wide variety of frame and lens choices that are on display or can be privately ordered, depending on the request.